Marc White - Singer, Song writer

Marc White is a multi-genre artist who was born in 1970 in Repentigny, Canada.  His broad musical influences reflect in his Adult Contemporary style. A singer, songwriter and guitarist, he is at his best playing in live performances.

Playing the recorder at eight years old, Marc was already seeing himself as a frontman. His first concert experience was as a saxophonist for his high school orchestra.  It was the biggest thrill he’d ever experienced!   A passion was born!

With no music courses offered in college, Marc felt like something was missing.  He was determined to learn to play the guitar on his own while singing along.  His first guitar was electric, even though he knew it was not the ideal type to start with.  It was so cool!  He later realized that an acoustic guitar was a great match for his voice.

The son of a successful salesman, Marc followed his father’s footsteps and became a sales representative on the road, confident that this was his path in life.  His music was just a hobby, but as he sang and played every day, he continued to hope that his childhood dreams would become a reality.

Marc was a member of several cover bands in his twenties but started to write songs only in his thirties. Musicians were getting harder to find to jam with, so he started to work alone.

During those years, Marc struggled with his fear of studio recording. After several years of disappointments, he finally found Jeff Grenier, who became his producer.  Jeff was a perfect match, as he understood Marc and he helped him overcome his anxiety. This achievement resulted in the release of Parallel Life, Marc’s passionate debut album. Marc never thought recording could be so much fun!


“Anybody who perseveres can achieve unbelievable things; keep on dreaming.”


  Marc White, singer song writer